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​Non-NHS Services

Most of the services your doctor provides for you are supplied under the National Health Service (NHS). There are, however, some letters, reports and other documents which are not covered by the NHS.

Your doctor is entitled to charge you for the time it takes to supply this information. You can find a list of fixed fees for specific services on the Downloads page. Anything not listed will be charged according to the complexity of the requirement. .
Road Traffic Accidents & Solicitor Requests

The NHS is funded in many ways. The Road Traffic Act of 1988 requires the driver of a vehicle involved in a road traffic accident to pay the first
qualified medical practitioner who administers care a fee (currently £21.30) for attending each person involved in the accident.

The attendance fee is due from the driver of the vehicle even if they are not the injured person. This is actually a private consultation and is not covered by the NHS.

The fee is usually refundable from your car insurance company at no cost to yourself. It does not affect your no-claims bonus.

For information on the fees please see the document on our Downloads page.