Flu vaccines

We ran a couple of flu vaccination clinics on Saturday 18th September (8.30am-1.00pm) & Monday 27th September (5.00-7.45pm), vaccinating 670 of our eligible patients against flu across both days.

We now have a limited number of vaccines left in stock for our patients aged 65+.

Eligible patients aged 18-64 still wanting a flu vaccine are able to book appointments at local Pharmacies. To find one near you, please visit Find a Pharmacy.

If you do not want a flu vaccination or have already had it, please send a text message to 07903 588 174 as below to let us know:

  • NOFLU:  If you don’t want it this year
  • FLUCHEM:  If you’ve had it at a Pharmacy
  • FLUWORK:  If you’ve had it at work
  • FLUOTHER:  If you’ve had it somewhere else

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for a free flu vaccine on the NHS, please visit Flu Eligibility Checker.

Patients who don’t meet the free NHS eligibility criteria can still get a flu vaccination at a Pharmacy for a fee of £10-15.